Digital storage + organization for the things that matter.
Providing secure access to your important business and personal documents, anytime from anywhere.
Your life’s information is too valuable to take chances with.
Family is the cornerstone of life. We understand the importance of preserving familial memories, as well as ensuring you have access to every family member’s documents in the case of an emergency.
BeamVault provides peace of mind by keeping your family’s information secure, available, and organized.
News of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and earthquakes destroying businesses and homes are no longer rare but have become an all too common occurrence.
With natural disasters increasingly steadily in recent decades, it is more important than ever to keep your important documents organized and accessible from anywhere.
Keeping important business documents safe is essential to a business. Not only do they need to be accessible at a moment’s notice, but they need to be protected.
Our platform makes sure that your business records are highly secure, as well as organized in a way that makes them most valuable for your company.

Purchase additional industry specific organization and tools.

We help you keep things simple.
Accessible, Organized, + Shareable.
Not only do we make digital organization easy, but our solution provides a perfect balance between structure and flexibility. We use an award winning organization system to help you make sense of all your records within a secure platform. You can easily customize the way your documents are organized, tag items, and share directly from your portal.